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Fantastic Things To Do in Vietnam in December

Rather than doing what everybody else seems to do on their winter holidays, and going somewhere like Spain or Greece, and spending most of your holiday, hung over, sun burnt, and tired, how about this year, you try somewhere different? There's more to a holiday than just alcohol and hot sandy beaches. Whether you're a fan of sunshine and beaches or not, how about just for one year, you try something new? If we've peaked your interest, then the historical, culturally rich, and beautiful country of Vietnam, could be exactly what you're looking for. If you do decide to visit Vietnam, then here are some things to help make your trip most memorable, and one that you'll remember for the rest of your life.
By Jamie King -

Take cruise down the Mekong River

The Mekong River stretches throughout southern Vietnam, before making its way out to sea. A cruise down the Mekong River is ideal for those amongst you who happen to enjoy taking in natural beauty spots, and let's face it, on holiday we all do. You'll make your way gently down the river, and will be able to take in natural beauty spots such as ancient villages, rice fields, thick lush jungle, and various animals and wildlife scattered throughout the area.

Snap some great pictures for your portfolio
Vietnam has been described as a photographer's dream location when it comes to snapping photographs and pictures of natural beauty. Many people keen on photography, either amateur or professional, look for locations that push the boundaries of realism that express things perfectly without even stating a word. Vietnam is ideal for keen photographers who may be looking to find that one picture that truly captures the essence of life itself. It's a war torn country with rich traditions and cultural values, and in a world growing increasingly independent on computers and technology, many of the locations prove that everyday life is still very much possible without trivial devices such as computers.

Visit the city of Hoi An
Hoi An is an ancient trading city that is littered with stunning looking beaches and unique cafes and restaurants. It is an ideal location for those of you who happen to wish to get a better understanding of Vietnam's rich culture and history. It actually translates into English as "peaceful meeting place" so that alone should give you an idea of how tranquil and beautiful this location actually is. There are just over 120,000 people currently residing in the city and it is a UNESCO world heritage site. Many of the buildings and architecture in the area reflect beautifully, the hardships and difficulties that the region has had to endure over the years, yet it is majestic, tranquil, and beautiful all at the same time.
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