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Halong Gay Matchmaking Cruise 2014 with Sisters Tours Vietnam
In celebration of the International Day against Homophobia 17th May and Harvey Milk Day 22nd May, Sisters Tours Vietnam is proud to announce the tour of a Gay Matchmaking Cruise in Halong Bay, Vietnam on 31st May 2014. The cruisehas been meticulously designed for a broad spectrum of LGBT communities, singles and groups, both locally and internationally to relax and jointly celebrate the LGBT pride and rights.

Sample Itinerary:
07.30 - 08.00: Pick-up by the Sisters Tours shuttle bus at your hotel
12.00: Arrival at Tuan Chau Marina and lounge around with a welcome buffet
12.15 - 12.30: Boarding the Paradise Luxury vessel and check-in
12.30 - 13.00: A warm welcome to Gay & Les get-together with welcome drinks
Write down nicknames on cards given
Make friends with fellow travelers for a wonderful time onboard together to get rid of loneliness or to broaden network for collective meals, games and performances later during the cruise
13.00 - 14.30: Lunch buffet
Rest time and preparation for afternoon's excursions & physical activities
14.30: Gathering at Reception Area on the first floor for a tender's sailing to explore Surprise Cave, one of the most treasured and mysterious caves in Halong Bay
15.30: Backing to the Paradise Luxury and preparation for a new exploration
16.00 - 18.00: Discovery of the wonderful beauty of Titov Island and Beach.
Go swimming, kayaking or conquer the peak of the most beautiful island mount in Halong bay and enjoy full panoramas of the World Wonder.
Back to the Paradise Luxury and be prepared for Gala Dinner, the great chance to capture every romantic moment here with lover for a wedding album (photography charges applied)
18.00 - 19.30: Make-up and styling for a fresher you for the night
(Best to bring along favorite costumes and make-up, alternatively ask for Paradise Face & Hair Make-up services at extra charges, available upon registration)
Be ready to liven up the wonderful night with your impressive style
Enjoy fabulous twilight on the beach with some finger foods and drinks as Gala Dinner is approaching.
19.30 - 23.00: Beach Gala Dinner for rights and pride celebration
At the Beach Gala Dinner
- Witness happy and touching moments of same-sex weddings officiated on the beach by a bishop and congratulate the couples on such happiness and maybe you are lucky to catch their wedding flowers to be the next featured in the near future
- Enjoy premium dinner on the beach in romantic lightings and beautiful music from live music band "AcrossNight" from the Philippines
- Receive voting cards and get ready to vote for your idols at the beauty contest
- Appreciate introductions, speeches from couples, their photos, love stories and tick the corresponding codes for your favorite couples.
- Appreciate introductions, speeches from singles, their photos, dreams and tick the corresponding codes for your favorite singles.
- Enjoy wonderful love songs from the music band while waiting for the results from Judges
- Listen to the announcement of the finalists: 3 most voted couples and 3 most voted singles. And then each couple or single makes the way on stage and answer 1 question. After all, the Judges will decide and announce the "Perfect Match" prize & the nicest "Mr." prize and the nicest "Ms." Prize.
- End the Gala Dinner with a dancing party and close the night with a beautiful dream
06.30: Tai Chi Class Demonstration
07.00 - 07.30: Light breakfast with tea, coffee and some cookies over the wonderful Halong Bay’s dawn
07.30: Visit to peaceful and gorgeous Luon Cave
08.30 - 09.30: Buffet of a blended Asian & Western cuisine onboard Paradise Luxury vessel
09.30: Note-leaving on Memory Cards given for your sweet feelings and impressions
Leave your contact notes to someone you adore and wish to reach later; the notes will be passed to him/her by Paradise Messenger.
10.00: Check-out
10.30: Docking at Tuan Chau Marina
10.30 - 12.00: Lunch with live music at Paradise Suites Hotel
12.15 - 12.30: Rest at the hotel lounge before boarding the shuttle bus back to Hanoi
16.30 - 17.00: Disembarkation at your hotel in Hanoi to end the journey

Warmest welcome to Beauty Contest 2014!

Beauty Contest 2014 is a special contest held by Paradise Cruises to honor Friends of Dorothy’s beauty. Whether you are gay or lesbian, as long as you are in love with someone or you believe that you are a Mr. or Ms., you can join for one of the three prizes as follows:
     -   Perfect Couple 2014
     -   Mr. 2014
     -   Ms. 2014

Prize worth 4.000 USD for a single winner/ couple winner!

Each of 2 perfect couples, 1 Mr. and 1 Ms. will receive a prize worth 4000 USD and a certificate from Paradise Cruises. They will also become the Ambassador for next year contest.

What is beauty?

You are beautiful in your way! At Paradise Cruises, we have special criteria for what called ‘Beauty’

Beauty = Trust + Uniqueness+ Confidence

Trust: Do you live a life that you have nothing-to-hide? You are willing to expose yourself to the world: your identity, your love, your character, and your own dream – Yay! You qualify one third of our criteria

Uniqueness: You are yourself. You believe that you are beautiful in your way or your endless love is pretty special. Keep go on! You‘re almost there

Confidence: Do you believe in yourself that you can maintain and keep this love never die or you can impress others? 

Please contact us at  (+84 4) 35622733 /  24hrs number: 877 - 315 - 9164/ info@sisterstoursvn or via our Contact Page for a complimentary consultuation and quotation