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  • Enjoy the culture ethnic festivals in Vietnam this February
    Enjoy the culture ethnic festivals in Vietnam this February

    Several Lunar New Year festivals and events held around Vietnam this February you should not miss!
    In Vietnam tradition, there are wide range of colorful festivals and events after Tet holiday, first month of Lunar Year, with the aim of as simple as entertaining the community or as meaningful as expressing respect to country's builders and heroes as well as wish good things for new year. The festival and events listed below belong to specific regions. There are two main types of activities conducted in Vietnam's festivals: ceremonial rites and entertainting activities.

  • Tet Holiday In Vietnam
    Tet Holiday In Vietnam

    The festival which best epitomizes Vietnam's cultural identity is Vietnamese New Year or Tet, which is the phonetic deformation of "Tiet", a Sino Vietnamese term which means "Joint of a bamboo stern" and in a wider sense, the "beginning of a period of the year". The passage from one period to the next may cause a meteorological disturbance (heat, rain, mist) that must be exercised by ritual sacrifices and festivities. There are many Tets throughout the year (Mid-autumn Vietnamese New Year, Cold Food Vietnamese New Year, etc.). But the most significant of all is "Vietnamese New Year", which marks the Lunar New Year