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  • Tips for smart street eating in Southeast Asia
    Tips for smart street eating in Southeast Asia
    Smoky chicken sate plucked from a grill and dipped in sweet-spicy peanut sauce in a Jakarta alley. Steamed ground rice and jaggery cakes eaten from a banana leaf on a street corner in Penang. A mound of sticky rice drizzled with coconut cream and topped with juicy mango slices spooned up at a stall in a Chiang Mai market. For the Asia-bound traveler keen to know the region’s diverse culinary cultures, these are essential experiences.

    In this part of the world the term “street food” (or “hawker food,” as it’s referred to in Malaysia and Singapore) denotes not just a cheap and quick way to fill one’s belly. It also describes a repertoire of dishes prepared by experienced specialists, dishes rarely duplicated successfully in restaurant kitchens. Eating on the Asian street offers the opportunity to observe cooking techniques up close and to engage with strangers over a meal in a way that would be difficult in a proper brick and mortar eatery.

    - By Robyn Eckhardt -http://zesterdaily.com/
  • Myanmar E-Visa to Be Introduced by This Year: Official
    Myanmar E-Visa to Be Introduced by This Year: Official
    The Department of Immigration and Population (DIP) under the Immigration Ministry by this year will finally implement an E-Visa system which was initiated in 2011, a top official said.The system will enable a visa applicant to receive Myanmar visa within three days of submitting application, thus saving time and costs, U Maung Maung Than, Director of DIP said.“This will not only benefit foreign businesspeople but also tourists,”
    -- Myanmar Business Today -
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  • Yangon: Colonial buildings, artisan cheese and local art
    Yangon: Colonial buildings, artisan cheese and local art

    Enjoy with Sisters Tours to explore this evolving yet well-preserved Myanmar city. The city of golden pagodas is opening to the outside world and they can’t wait to show off a blossoming arts community, a growing preservation movement and a small but committed group of foodies.

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  • 8 Reasons To Go To Myanmar Now
    8 Reasons To Go To Myanmar Now

    For decades, Myanmar has isolated itself from western eyes. The junta-controlled country began to open to tourism in 1996, but its use of forced labor and the imprisonment of Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi led to international economic sanctions and an unofficial tourism boycott.
    Now though, things are changing for the better.  Aung San Suu Kyi is free, the country's opening up to the west, and an official visit by Hilary Clinton recognizes the Junta's efforts to bring Myanmar -- often called Burma -- into the modern world.  Myanmar is finally ready for its moment in the spotlight - and it can be an ideal destination for your next travel plan.

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  • Kayin New Year
    Kayin New Year
    Kayin New Year day is a National Public Holiday in Myanmar. Traditional Kayin costume was worn by most of the celebrants at the events. Many young and old Kayins wear their traditional colourful dresses and go around the city. visit relatives and enjoy the festival. 
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  • Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival (Inle Lake)
    Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival (Inle Lake)
    One of the famous principal shrines in Myanmar, this pagoda houses five small Buddha images. Once a year, in end Sept-early Oct., there is a pagoda festival during which the five Buddha images are rowed around the Lake in a colorful barge.
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  • Waso Chinlone Festival
    Waso Chinlone Festival
    Waso Chinlone Festival of Mahamuni Buddha Image in the year 2009 stretched for 48 days. It was the 81st game held annually since 1926; the largest sport event of its kind, participated by 1220 Chinlone teams. The players had travelled across from all corners of the country to pay homage to the most revered Shrine, and to convene in tribute, the game of Chinlone. It is believed that this game has taken root in Myanmar for more than 1500 years. During the Festival of Mahamuni Buddha Image, as the grandeur of game call for, chinlone contest is performed with live music of Myanmar saing-waing (traditional orchestra) and running commentary.
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  • The Watering Tree Festival (Kason)
    The Watering Tree Festival (Kason)
    It is the season water in all ponds, lakes and creeks reduces to its lowest level. During the month of Kason the length of the day is longer and the night is shorter. People of Myanmar regard the month of Kason as Taurus season and the sign of the zodiac is a ball. The seasonal flower is Sagar and this festival is water pouring ceremony at the maha-Bodhi tree, the holy Banyan tree at the foot of which the Buddha attained Buddhahood or enlightenment.
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  • Myanmar New Year Festival
    Myanmar New Year Festival
    Myanmar New Year Festival is held after the consecutive Thingyan Water Festival. Thingyan Water Festival is enjoyed by both young and old generations throughout the country.
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