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  • Gold List 2014 - Vietnam best hotels & resorts
    Gold List 2014 - Vietnam best hotels & resorts

    When it comes to those crucial choices in travel—the hotels, the resorts, the cruise lines—there is only one thing that literally sets the gold standard, and it's Condé Nast Traveler. Nearly 47,000 of you, an unprecedented number, produced an independent (and savvy) final selection of the very best by participating in  annual Readers' Choice survey. The Gold List is truly a global representation of real quality, no matter how far-flung. It's newsy, too, highlighting impressive newcomers and discerning trends. Consistency is rewarded: Those who make the Gold List five years in a row earn Platinum Circle status. The following are  travel experiences in Vietnam for you to choose from, all of them the best in class.

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  • Fantastic Things To Do in Vietnam in December
    Fantastic Things To Do in Vietnam in December

    Rather than doing what everybody else seems to do on their winter holidays, and going somewhere like Spain or Greece, and spending most of your holiday, hung over, sun burnt, and tired, how about this year, you try somewhere different? There's more to a holiday than just alcohol and hot sandy beaches. Whether you're a fan of sunshine and beaches or not, how about just for one year, you try something new? If we've peaked your interest, then the historical, culturally rich, and beautiful country of Vietnam, could be exactly what you're looking for. If you do decide to visit Vietnam, then here are some things to help make your trip most memorable, and one that you'll remember for the rest of your life.
    By Jamie King -

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  • Phu Quoc: Vietnam's attempt to become king of Asia's beaches
    Phu Quoc: Vietnam's attempt to become king of Asia's beaches

    If you ever wondered what Thailand was like in the late 1980s, check out Phu Quoc Island off the southwest coast of Vietnam, the new hop on the Gulf of Siam’s circuit that embraces Koh Samui, Koh Chang and Koh Kong. Phu Quoc is fast becoming Vietnam’s hottest new island destination. But it also maintains -- at least for now -- a character unlike anything in Thailand.
    - From CNN Traver.

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  • Tourist etiquette in Hoi An
    Tourist etiquette in Hoi An
    Getting to grips with the right or wrong way to go about things in any country is always a minefield of ever-changing goal posts. In Vietnam, luckily the people are largely very forgiving of our faux pas and a little bit of common sense and humility goes a long way in bridging the gap between cultures. In a tourist-reliant town like Hoi An, understanding the basics really does make a difference. For starters: although the town itself is booming, Quang Nam Province is still one of the poorest in Vietnam, with most of the surrounding villagers earning their main income from farming and fishing. Thinking is far more conservative than in the big cities.
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