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  • Didier Corlou uses the Vietnamese fish sauce to bring out  the best  taste of his dishes
    Didier Corlou uses the Vietnamese fish sauce to bring out the best taste of his dishes
    Didier Corlou, a 5 star Diamond Award Master Chef of the Culinary Academy of France, has a great passion for Vietnamese foods. After his visit in 1994, Chef Corlou decided to stay in Vietnam. He claimed that everything in Vietnam including the people, food and the country itself makes him want to stay. His love for his second home has inspired him to bring out the best taste of Vietnamese cuisines, especially the Vietnamese spices.
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  • Top 10 Things To Do In Hanoi Vietnam
    Top 10 Things To Do In Hanoi Vietnam
    The bustling city of Hanoi will assault your senses on arrival; with ferocious traffic, fanatical street sellers and imposing colonial architecture. As the capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi also has the ability to steal your heart on first visit thanks to a low key tourism infrastructure (there’s no glitzy malls here), authentic Vietnamese cuisine and a whole heap of things to see, do, try and taste throughout the city.

    To make the best of your visit, arm yourself with a detailed recent map and a reputable local tour guide who will know where to go, what to see and who’ll steer you away from any touts.
    - By Jules / Pure Travel - 
  • Tips for smart street eating in Southeast Asia
    Tips for smart street eating in Southeast Asia
    Smoky chicken sate plucked from a grill and dipped in sweet-spicy peanut sauce in a Jakarta alley. Steamed ground rice and jaggery cakes eaten from a banana leaf on a street corner in Penang. A mound of sticky rice drizzled with coconut cream and topped with juicy mango slices spooned up at a stall in a Chiang Mai market. For the Asia-bound traveler keen to know the region’s diverse culinary cultures, these are essential experiences.

    In this part of the world the term “street food” (or “hawker food,” as it’s referred to in Malaysia and Singapore) denotes not just a cheap and quick way to fill one’s belly. It also describes a repertoire of dishes prepared by experienced specialists, dishes rarely duplicated successfully in restaurant kitchens. Eating on the Asian street offers the opportunity to observe cooking techniques up close and to engage with strangers over a meal in a way that would be difficult in a proper brick and mortar eatery.

    - By Robyn Eckhardt -http://zesterdaily.com/
  • A Basic Introduction to Vietnamese Food
    A Basic Introduction to Vietnamese Food

    What makes Vietnamese food special? Some would call Vietnamese food simple, and it typically is, but never boring. Despite the varied landscape of Vietnam, all of the food came back to that balance of herbs, heat, sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and the all-powerful fish sauce. As with other southeast Asian cuisines, it's all about the yin and yang; the sweet and salty, the cooling and heating, the fresh and fermented.
    From Ezin Rimmer - Asianeats.com

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  • 10 meals every Myanmar traveler should try
    10 meals every Myanmar traveler should try

    With Myanmar opening to the outside world, visitors are discovering a cuisine that’s been largely hidden from sight for the last 50 years.With an emphasis on rich, predominately savory/salty flavors, influences from South and Southeast Asia and a repertoire of ingredients not found in any other cuisine, there’s much to discover. As in most of Southeast Asia, Myanmar restaurants and stalls tend to specialize in a single dish or culinary style.For a comprehensive taste of the cuisine, we've chosen these 10 Burmese dishes and snacks. Every visitor to the country should seek them out.
    - From CNN Traveler.

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  • Burmese food: A brief introduction
    Burmese food: A brief introduction

    Burma’s food reflects the population’s highly varied ethnic mix: Bamar (ethnic Burmese), Chinese, Bengali, Tamil, Nepalese, Shan, Mon, Kachin and so on. The country’s neighbours — Thailand, China’s Yunnan, Bangladesh and India — also exert strong culinary influences. At its best, this creates an original and very rich national cuisine.
    -- From Travelfish.com

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