Manuha Pagoda Festival


Location:MyinkabarVillage,Bagan, Mandalay Region
Date: One day before the Full Moon day of Tawthalin
Duration: 3 days

During the festival, rice cakes and pickled winter melon are served to all comers from near and far. The Myinkaba region dwellers donate these to all visitors. This is apart of the traditional practice of this festival. This tradition is also believed to have been descended from the time of the King Manuha.

Monks from many monasteries around the region are invited to the Manuha Pagoda and are offered rice on the morning of the Full Moon Day of Tawtalin.

The parade of colorful paper Mache figures roam around the city during the festival. The locals create colorful and beautiful decorations of images such as the Manuha King himself, tigers, cows, elephants, horses, and even some stars of today. The number of representation varies up to hundred. The parade goes on until the end of the day. 

Locals and foreign visitors enjoy the sight of the colorful paper Mache figures and also the lifestyle of the Bagan locals. There are other entertainments such as Zat Pwe and Anyeint at the night time. Villagers near and far never misses this opportunity of participating the Manuha Festival.