• The Watering Tree Festival (Kason)
    The Watering Tree Festival (Kason)
    It is the season water in all ponds, lakes and creeks reduces to its lowest level. During the month of Kason the length of the day is longer and the night is shorter. People of Myanmar regard the month of Kason as Taurus season and the sign of the zodiac is a ball. The seasonal flower is Sagar and this festival is water pouring ceremony at the maha-Bodhi tree, the holy Banyan tree at the foot of which the Buddha attained Buddhahood or enlightenment.
  • Ritual of Pouring Water on the Bodhi Tree (KasoneFullmoon Day)
    Ritual of Pouring Water on the Bodhi Tree (KasoneFullmoon Day)
    This festival is celebrated throughout  the Pagodas (Nation Wide) on the full moon day of  Kason for ten days. This ritual commemorates the date over 2500 years ago when the Buddha gained enlightenment while meditation under the Bodhi tree. Pilgrims pour water to the Bodhi Trees in Pagoda compounds to keep them fresh forever and also for the souls of the Pilgrims to keep them fresh forever.