• Maha Muni Pagoda Festival
    Maha Muni Pagoda Festival
    February is the coldest month in Myanmar and at the Maha Muni Pagoda festival, on the full moon day devotees light bonfires and cook huge pans of sticky rice with ginger, coconut and sesame to offer to minks. 
  • Htamene Festival - The Sticky Rice Donation
    Htamene Festival - The Sticky Rice Donation
    Htamane festival is held between February and March, throughout the whole country. It is made of sticky rice and sesame seeds. One large pan requires 4 small baskets of sticky rice, 20 coconuts, one small basket each of peanut and sesame seeds, 4 kilo of oil, 0.32 kilo of ginger and some salt.
  • Salon Festival (Thanintharyi Division)
    Salon Festival (Thanintharyi Division)
    Salon festival is usually held during the month of February. The festival is at Majungalet Village on Bocho Island near Lamp Island in Myeik, Thanintharyi Division.