• YadanaGu Spirit Festival
    YadanaGu Spirit Festival
    Roundabout the end of August, a little-known spirit worship festival called Yadanagu which could be loosely translated as “ Cave of Treasures” is held just outside of the town of Amarapura, near Mandalay on the way to the Irrawaddy Bridge 
  • Taungpyone Nat (Pwe) Festival
    Taungpyone Nat (Pwe) Festival
    Taungpyone is a small village situated about 10 km north of Mandalay.Famous Taung Pyone Nat or Spirit Festival is always held in the mid of August. The Nat Pwe is usually held for three days. Devotees from all over Myanmar, comes to this special festival and offer their donations and enjoy themselves with the blessings of the spirits, every year. The Nats are believed to be super natural powerful beings, stated between the gods and the spiritual beings. Most of the Myanmar people worship the Nats as a religious belief. The Nat Pwe is usually held for three days. The first day is for the Summoning the Nats. The second day is the Nats' feast. The third is the day for the Nats' departure.