• Popa Nat or Spirits Festival
    Popa Nat or Spirits Festival
    Mt Popa being considered most important Nat (Spirit) worshipping center, thousands of country forks and town people in their joyous, light  hearted and merrymaking in this particular festival. Thousands of animals were sacrificed to the Nats during the festival however this practise has been stopped since Bagan period. Spirit possesion and overall drunken ecstasy are part of the celebration. People enjoy this festival with exeitements and enjoyments for their quest for fame and fortune.
  • Thanaka Grinding Festival
    Thanaka Grinding Festival
    Thanakha is a cream or make up obtained by grinding Thanakha tree's bark. Females use it as a protection against heat as well as a decoration. Thanakha grinding event in Sittwe is a traditional event held on the eve of Water Festival i.e. On Thingyan eve, in the early part of the night, young women grind Thanakha barks and roots to a fine cream by grinding it along with a sprinkle of water on rounded stone slabs. Young men play musical instruments and dance to support the event.
  • Myanmar New Year Festival
    Myanmar New Year Festival
    Myanmar New Year Festival is held after the consecutive Thingyan Water Festival. Thingyan Water Festival is enjoyed by both young and old generations throughout the country.
  • Mann Shwe Settaw Pagoda Festival
    Mann Shwe Settaw Pagoda Festival
    Mann Shwe Settaw Pagoda Festival is one of the most significant Pagoda festival in Upper Myanmar. You will get when visiting Mann Shwe Settaw is bathing in the cool, clean and sparkling waters of Mann Creek after you have had an exhausting day of pilgrimage. 
  • Myanmar New Year (Thingan)
    Myanmar New Year (Thingan)
    Fall on the second week of April. It usually starts from the 13th of April as it is according to the Myanmar calendar. The New Year is ushered in by four days of Water Throwing Festival. This festival is called ‘Thingyan’ which means ‘Change’.
  • Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda Festival
    Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda Festival
    The most famous pagoda festival in Bago with the performance of classical theatre troupes at their best.