Royal Ploughing Day


On May every year, Cambodia has a very fascinating ceremony called, the Royal Ploughing Day, or Preah Reach Pithi Chrot Preah Neang Korl. I was excited to see it every year. The customs are dressed, maidens of honors, the Brahmins, and Six Royal Oxen go around in a circle at Veil Preah Meru Square three times and then two of the Royal Oxen are released.
The Royal guards place 7 plates of food for the sacred Oxen: a tray of rice seed, a tray of beans, a tray of corn, a tray of sesame, a tray of fresh- cut grass, a tray of water and a tray of wine. 
If the Royal Oxen eat from a particular grain, the prediction of the nation's crop gowth will be beautiful this year. However, if the grass is eaten the prediction is that there will be an outbreak of cattle diseases! If the Royal Oxen drink the wine, the prediction is that there will be many robbers and thieves
The local people wanted the Royal Ox to eat the tray of rice seed, as the people eat a lot of rice, and to drink the water so that there will be sufficient rain.