Pindaya Shwe Oo Min Pagoda Festival


Location : Pindaya Cave in Shan State

Pindaya Caves is one of the most wonderful places in Myanmar located near the town of Pindaya in Shan State. This limestone caves are situated at an elevator of 3,880 feet above sea level on the poetic Botoloke Lake. The views inside Pindaya Caves are very awesome with almost 8,000 Buddha images, and most of them are gold.
Pindaya Shwe Oo Min cave Pagoda festival is held on and around Full moon day of Tabaung as well. It starts seven days before the full moon day. During the festival time, thousands of devotees come from villages around the area to the cave. A kind of pagoda mall is set up at the foot of the hill under big shady Banyan trees to sell local products.