Boun Phavet


A ceremony of offering to have one's future read from a piece of paper drawn, during the three day-three night festival. At the Boun Phavet, people get a piece of paper where their future are written. The ceremony last three days-three nights.
It is a temple-centre festival in which the jataka or birth-tale of Prince Vestsantara, the Buddha’s penultimate life, is recited. in temples throughout the country and this is considered a particularly auspicious time for ordination as a monk. Falling on different dates throughout the month - so that people can exchange invitations with friends and families in different villages to join in their celebrations. This is also a favoured time (second to Khao Phansaa) for Lao males to be ordained into the monkhood.
To prepare Boun Phravet, the villagers meet in the offering hall to prepare the offerings and divide the story into one thousand parts for the monks or novices to sing.  The early time before organizing the youth made the flowers.  They use the light wood to make the beehive or so on to decorate the offering hall and sitting place by using the light wood to make the pictures as designed and painted by different color.
Things required as one thousand are one thousand blocks of rice (Kao Phankhone), one thousand candles, strings, beehive and so on.
In addition, 7 bunches of bananas, sugar cane, coconuts, betel and 4 pots of soups are also arranged.  Reasons for prepare Kao Phankone is;one thousand hands full of rice, the story of Phravetsandone is divided into one thousand bunches