• Boun Khao Chi (Makhaboucha)
    Boun Khao Chi (Makhaboucha)
    This festival is held during the third full moon of the lunar calendar at the "Wat" (temple) in the morning for purposeduring, the full moon commemorating the speech given by Buddha to 1,250 enlightened monks. Temple goers circumnavigate the Wat Three times with candles in a ceremony known as vien tian. Boun khao Chi - special bread of sticky rice, coated with egg and then grilled, is made and offered to the monks. This offering occurs during Makhaboucha.
  • Sikhottabong Festival
    Sikhottabong Festival
    This religious festival is held at Sikhottabong Stupa, located about 8km south of Thakhek. A trade fair also held in the festival featured the display and sales of products of more than 130 booths from nine districts of this central province along with goods from neighboring Thailand
  • Wat Phou Festival
    Wat Phou Festival
    The Wat Phou festival is annually held in the full moon of the 3rd month of lunar calendar, on the grounds of the enchanting pre-Angkorian Wat Phou remains in Champasack. There are elephants racing, buffaloes fighting, cocks fighting and performances of Lao traditional musics and dances. The trade fair showcasing the products from the southern province of Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam is also held
  • Buon Ma Kha Bu Sar (Full Moon)
    Buon Ma Kha Bu Sar (Full Moon)
    This celebration commemorates a speech given by the Buddha in which he laid down the first monastic regulations and predicted his own death. The festival is to celebrate with chanting and presenting offering carious Vat throughout the country.