Lunar New Year


The most important festival of the year in the whole Vietnam, the New Year Eve’s is the 1st of January according to the Lunar Calendar. Streets are festooned with coloful decorations, the kumquat, peach and apricot trees are traded every single corner in Vietnam. The crowd is getting crowder as the food is getting more exquisite in style and diversified in selections. 
Get blended in the flows of people at New Year Eve’s waiting for fireworks when the clock turns to 12am. Fireworks are prepared to be fired in most of big cities in Vietnam: Ha Noi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City,…
Most of café, restaurants and shops close on the 1st of January (Lunar calendar) and few days forward. The str
eet is at its peace as the traffic is in low. Longing for a sip of café in the chilling weather and enjoying the classic sparse Hanoi? This is the only time you could make it true. If you have an opportunity to get in door with the Vietnamese in tho
se days, you’ll be surely amused with the rich in customs and practices of the locals on Tet.