Trang Underwater Wedding Festival


Trang Underwater Wedding Festival is held on 14 February of each year. Every year hundreds of brides and grooms from many countries come to south Thailand for this unique event, with traditional Thai wedding ceremonies, lavish processions and beach parties, plus an underwater declaration of marriage vows at Koh Kradan.

The city of Trang in the Asian nation of Thailand is all set for the famous Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony. This annual event invites couples from Thailand and all across the world to stage a special wedding ceremony off Pak Meng Beach in the Trang district in Southern Thailand. No matter, if the to be bride and groom are not divers; there are ample opportunity for them as well.

Though the bridal couple from all over the globe flock to stage their underwater wedding, the proceedings keep loyal to the traditional Thai wedding culture. The bridal couples get to wear the traditional hand-woven Thai wedding costumes and are escorted to their honeymoon suites by older, happily married couples. This ritual signifies the passing on of the sense of being together to the newly weds.

Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony is an annual wedding ceremony of Thailand where couples tie the knots in traditional Thai style off Pak Meng Beach.