Chiang Mai Flower Festival


 Chiang Mai Flower festival comes around every February. The festival is centered at Suan Buak Haad, transliterated this means "Garden Plus Beach." I'm not sure where the beach comes in but the Thai for garden "Suan" can refer to your front lawn, a formal garden or a park. Of equal import to the festival is the parade that begins at Narawat Bridge travels down Tha Pae rd. to the park.

Popularly known as the “Rose of the North”, the city of Chiang Mai turns into a divine flower paradise during the annual Flower Festival. The naturally beautiful landscape bursts into a riot of colour with elaborate floral displays, horticultural competitions, craft markets, mini concerts, a grand floral parade and a beauty pageant to choose Miss Flower and Miss Flower Blooming Beauty. Rare flowers like the Damask Rose (a variety found only in Chiang Mai), the pink Dendrobium orchid, and the yellow Daoruang will be on display during the three-day festival. Come and experience the wonders of nature at the Chiang Mai Flower Festival.