Visit Siem Reap

Vat Thai Luang, Vientiane
City Central Vientiane
Traditional Opera Performance
Vientiane Palace

Visit the home city for incredible collection of temple ruins, including the Angkor Wat for an exciting exploration.  It's surely a laid-back and pleasant place to stay while touring the temples and a nice compromise between observing Cambodian life and enjoying the local excellent cuisines and getting thrilled with the spectacular art scene

The heart of Siem Reap’s tourist district is known as Old Market, or Psah Chas. This part of town is home to a large concentration of restaurants and shops geared towards  an ever-increasing number of American, British and European tourists. The influx of tourism has transformed a quiet little city into a bustling downtown area with an eclectic array of restaurants, bars and nightclubs that rivals any college town along with a night market that keep going well past midnight.



01 Watch the sunrise/sunset in Angkor Wat
02 Learn about Khmer Kingdom by stop at Angkor National Museum
03 Relax with Khmer massage
04 Shop at Angkor Night market
05 Go out on pub street as called Street 8
Get around town by bike
07 See cultural representations of local Aspara theatres
08 Visit Artisan Angkor to observe Cambodia craftsmen at work
09  Cruise around the humongous Tonle Sap
10 Try some exotic foods as snake, frog, slik works, cricket.

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