Visit Sapa

Sapa is a mountain town nestled in the Tonkinese Alps in Northern Vietnam, 1600m above sea level. It is 38km form the train station in the city of Lao Cai.

Sapa district was first inhabited by some of Vietnam’s 54 ethnic minorities hundreds of years ago. The Colonial French saw Sapa’s touristic potential around the turn of the last century. Since then, Sapa has undergone much change, but the traditional culture of the Sapa people has been preserved.

Despite its commercialization during the last decade, Sapa is still a must-see on any northern Vietnam itinerary. On a clear day, you will treated to view of steepy terraced rice fields, towering verdant ridgelines, ethnic minority villages, raging rivers and astounding waterfalls.

There is nowhere in Vietnam can you easily meet the local ethnic minorities like in Sapa. The district is the home of a great diversity of ethnic people, including five main groups of Hmong, Zdao, Tay, Zay and Xa Pho. They do not live in center area but in hamlets scattering on the valleys throughout Sapa District. Town of Sapa is where ethnic minority people gather, trade or sell their farming products such as rice, corn, fruits, as well as handicrafts and souvenirs to tourists. There is one interesting face about ethnic minority people in Sapa that besides their dialects, many of them, especially small children, can speak English pretty well with clear pronunciation.



01 Walk around the main square of Sapa
02 Get insight into the culture in Sapa Culture Museum.
03 Relax with a beer overlooking a view of epic of Sapa
04 Walk to the 2 main markets
05 Capture the clouds surrounding the mountains in the background and a misty town.
06 Join the love market of Sapa where used to be the place local people find a partner to get married
07 Sip a Vietnamese -style hotpot (meat stew cooked with local vegetables, cabbage and mushroom).
08 Scour the stores on Cau May for special style clothing, accessories and jewelry produced by the area's minority peoples
09  Relaxing at the two cone-shaped hills set deep in the spectacular Sapa valley - Topas Eco Lodge.
10 Signing up for trekking expeditions out to local villages and beyond

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