Visit Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh province is lucky enough have been endowed with the culture heritage of an ancient thousand-year-old capital.

Here are above 1000 monuments, in which there are 79 nationally ranked monuments, 2 sites recognized as special national monuments by the Government including Trang An famous integrated landscape and Hoa Lu Old Capital,  unique and owns the historic-cultural heritage value bulky such as: Tam Coc- Bich Dong tourism site, Cuc Phuong National Forest, Van Long natural wetland reserve, Kenh Ga hot stream...all are natural spectacular landscape necessarily to be protected. Ninh Binh’s topography comprises three different types of landscapes: wetlands, coastal delta, hills and mountains.

Culture and spirituality tourism is a strong position of Ninh Binh, the advantage of promoting the sacred land was the former capital of three feudal dynasty, associated with major shifts in the history of the nation; also the convergence and the development of many religions, especially Buddhism and Christianity, and other religious buildings - architectural cultural value. Ecotourism is often associated with the travel experience and forms of tourism homestay (stay at indigenous peoples home) helpvisitors allowing travelers to penetrate deep into daily life, labor and production of local communities. This is the basis for Ninh Binh have uphold the traditional craft villages, the specialty, unique cultural heritage to serve tourism, such as Van Lam embroidery village, Ninh Van stone carving village (Hoa Lu), Kim Sơn sedge village, restore and develop the art of xẩm, chèo, folk dishes...



01 Cycling from Hoa Lu beautiful surroundings beside to Truong Yen village
02 Observe Tam Coc from a small boat. Check a series of pagodas and a fascinating collection of caves farther up the outcrop
03 Relax in the Cuc Phuong National Park where is rich in wildlife and natural beauty.
04 Cycling through  Kenh Ga floating village or the Van Long nature reserve
05 Explore majestic caves and have a pure of relaxation with the spiritual culture of Bai Dinh Pagoda.
06 Enjoy "the bay without wave” Van Long Natural Serve. 
07 Get water from spring on treatment at Kenh Ga Hot Spring and boating on the Hoang Long River, the vast waves, mountains, river, peaceful scenic identity
08 Visit one of the most famous churches in Vietnam - Phat Diem Church
09 Camping in Jungle at Cuc Phuong National Park
10 Enjoy Ninh Binh goat meat and burned rice as best taste in Vietnam.

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