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Mekong Delta
Mekong Delta
Mekong Delta

"The Mekong Delta, at the south end of Vietnam is a vast and low plain, divided by the "Nine Dragons", the arms of the mighty Mekong River. The country most fertile soil is formed by alluvions and sediments deposited by the great river"

This prosperous region produces close to half the agricultural production of the country, with only 12% of its superficy. It is a world of rice fields, orchards, arroyos, and canals, where water and earth are intrically interlaced, where in many places a boat is the most convenient way of transportation, where many people live on the water, depend on the water for fish and rice, and perform functions such as shopping and eating on the water.

The insularity of the Delta has made it a refuge for minority religions such as the curious indigenous Cao Dai religion and the Muslim faith of the descendants of the Cham people.


01 Visit floating market where local work and live.
02 Wandering on shores market where all kinds of colours and scents greet your senses
03 Discover the more remote parts of the Mekong on smaller tender boats 
04 Being captivated by Sadec, enjoy  Sadec flower gardens and Nguyen Hue riverside road
05 Experience the core charm of mighty river and enjoy the most authentic cuisine of Vietnam.
Feed Catfish at Fish farm
07 Sip a Vietnamese -style hotpot (meat stew cooked with local vegetables, cabbage and mushroom).
08 Cycling through lush vegetation along rice fields and orchards is the perfect way to learn more about life in the colorful Mekong delta
09 Enjoy ox race takes place near Long Xuyen and Ta Miet once a year
10 Listening to a traditional Vietnamese forksong along the Mekong River

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