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"Being rich in monasteries and pagodas, it is still accepted as the arts and cultural heart-land of Myanmar"

Mandalay, the present day second Capital of Myanmar is located in the upper Myanmar about 688 Km due north of Yangon. Its' previous official name was Yadanabon, meaning the city of gems. It was the last Capital of Myanmar Kingdom and occupied by the British in 1885. This enchanting city is full of regal identity, famous pagodas, religious edifices. It can also said that Mandalay is the center of Myanmar Culture, and it will give all people of arts and crafts lovers such as wood carving, stone carvings, Bronze casting, gold beating, and gold embroidery or Kalakar making.

Historically, it is the most Myanmar of the country’s large cities, a place where you’ll come close to the ‘heart’ of Myanmar. Mandalay still has cultural and religious significance and its Buddhist monasteries are among the most important in the country- about 60% of all the monks in Myanmar reside in the Mandalay area.

For lovers of arts and crafts, Mandalay offers the largest repository of Myanmar arts and crafts. Skilled crafts men make world famous genie tapestry called Shwe Chi Htoe (Gold thread Weaving), beautiful articles of ivory, wood, and stone, silver-ware and bronze statues according to the time-honored traditions of their fore-fathers.



01 Join the dawn monk parade crossing the world's largest teak bridge U'bein bridge
02 Look over pagodas and the Ayeyarwady River from atop Sargaing Hill
03 Climb Mingun Paya by a boat ride from Mandalay
04 Escape Mandalay's big city bustle by bike
05 Potter around Mandaay's less-known monasteries.
Discovery the wealth of crafts being made, including edible sheets of golf-leaft
07 Arrive by 4am at Mahamuni Paya as attendants brush the teeth of the country's most famous budha image.
08 Visit the " World Biggest Book" in Kuthodaw Pagoda.
09 Walk up to Mandalay Hill for view of Mandalay city
10 Visit Mahagandayone Monastery at 10am lunch procession of 1000 monks.

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