Visit Hue

“Poetic Hue, dreamy and romantic Hue, Hue - city of two World Heritages…” are the ever names people call Hue city - the latest imperial capital of Vietnam under Nguyen dynasty (from the 17th to 19th century). 

Hue is located in central Vietnam on the banks of Perfume River (Sông Hương), just a few miles inland from the East Sea. It is about 700 kilometers (438 miles) south of the national capital of Hanoi and about 1100 kilometers (690 miles) north of Hochiminh City.

The province provides a well-balanced blend of royal heritage and folk culture. As a matter of fact, tourists discover dozens of handicraft villages, with annual festivals that are painstakingly organized.

Hue is also an important center of Buddhism. In Hue and its surrounding still exist tens of pagodas constructed more 300 years ago, and hundred of temples and pagodas built in the early 20th century.Besides, tourist is able to enjoy many traditional famous dishes and find out about sophisticated handicraft here.


01 Visit Imperial Citadel ( Dai Noi) as World Heritage Sites.
02 Embark in Dragon Boats in Perfume River
03 Take a boat ride up the Perfume River to the Minh Mang Temple
04 Walk to Hue’s largest market - Dong Ba Market, selling anything and everything.
05 Enjoy Y Thao Garden Restaurant and cooking class
06 Get a glimpse of the Buddhist movement in Vietnam and the daily life of a monk.
07 Enjoy the journey to Thuan An Beach
08 Get spiritual in Thien Mu Pagoda
09 Explore the Vinh Moc Tunnels
10 Relax and help the local community by getting a message from the Institute of the Blind in Hue

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