Visit Ho Chi Minh City

Formerly named Saigon, Ho Chi Minh city is the largest city in Vietnam. Under the name Saigon, it was formerly known is a metropolis of street side cafes, traffic where crossing the road requires a lesson from someone in the know, backstreets that wide throughout the city.  As the commercial centre of Vietnam it is comingalive and a rapid pace.

Today, Ho Chi Minh City is the big tourism center in Vietnam, attracting a large of visitors to Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City has various attractions as Ho Chi Minh Museum, formerly known as Dragon House Wharf, Cu Chi Tunnels, system of museums, theatres, cultural houses... Recently, many tourist areas are invested such as Thanh Da, Binh Quoi Village, Dam Sen Park, Saigon Water Park, Suoi Tien, Ky Hoa..., which draw numerous tourists.

After more than 300 years of development, Ho Chi Minh City presents many ancient architectural constructions, famous vestiges and renowned sights. It is remarkable for its harmonious blending of traditional national values with northern and western cultural features displaying a characteristic combination of Vietnamese, Chinese and European cultures. Much of the fun of being in Ho Chi Minh City derives from the simple pleasure of absorbing its flurry of activity - something best done from the safety of a roadside cafe. To blink is to miss some new and singular sight, be it a cyclo piled high with wicker baskets of fruit.
The best time to visit tropical Ho Chi Minh city is in the dry season, which runs from December through to April. During the wet season, May to November, there are frequent tropical storms, though these won't disrupt your travels too much. Average temperatures, year-round, hover between
26 and 29°C; March, April and May are the hottest months.


01 Visit the War Remnants Museum to learn about the Vietnam War and see guns, equipment, and vehicles from the era.
02 Lose yourself at Ben Thanh Market marveling local handicrafts, textiles, and áo dài. It's a pulsating place, always busy; you'll feel its magic for sure!
03 Visit the War Remnants Museum
04 Tour Saigon on the back of a motorbike - it’s a great way to see the city and feel like a local.
05 Go to the Reunification Palace
06 Signseeing around Cho Lon (China Town)
07 Crawl through the Cu Chi tunnels to get a sense of how the Viet Cong used to hide out during the war. Also, fire an AK-47 nearby!
08 Get inspired by the French: learn to cook French-influenced Vietnamese food or take in an opera at the Saigon opera house.
09 Get a new suit by tailor made shops in Le Loi Street.
10 Drink snake and scorpion wine - it’s believed to improve health and virility. Don't worry, the venom is canceled out by the alcohol. Mot, hai, ba, do (one, two, three, cheers)

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